Invelio is a brand, where Steffi and Gustav write about their tips and tricks on financial journeys. We inform ourselves continuously on finances and budget ideas and want to keep you on track!

Sharing knowledge, helping others, and exchanging experiences – that’s the heartbeat of Invelio. Join us on a journey to financial empowerment in a supportive community. Together, we thrive!

Steffi initially embarked on the simple task of figuring out where she was spending her money. After realizing that she was spending too much on takeout drinks, she decided to save that money instead. This revelation allowed her to have funds for things she truly enjoyed. She first became hooked on budgeting and then delved into other financial subjects, mainly focusing on how to make her money work for her needs rather than working for her money. She has that lovely dream of earning while sleeping.

Gustav is not as dreamy as Steffi. Ever since he was a child, he has been fascinated by Scrooge McDuck and his money bin. Inspired by this, he resolved to ‘build his own.’ With that decision in mind, he started working at an early age, and eventually, he discovered his passion for finance!

We are


and I

  • have had a passion for finances for 10 years
  • have been reading and learning ever since
  • have 0 knowledge of handling a blog but we will get better together (;
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and I

  • started budgeting 10 years ago for traveling – and still love both
  • am highly motivated to reach financial freedom
  • want to know everything there is about finance and the freedom behind it

Control it! Archiv it! Be free!